Disc Brake Caliper Bracket, For Emergency Brakes, Sold Each, Compatible with Dune Buggy

Code: 22-2848-B


8 in stock

8 in stock


Replacement brake caliper bracket for e-brake style kits. This is a stamped out bracket and at times they will need slight adjusting to align the caliper perfectly centered on the rotor. Fits Kit Number: 22-2865-0 22-2870-0 22-2871-0 22-2905-0 22-2906-0 22-2907-0 22-2912-0 22-2913-0 22-2914-0 22-2918-0 22-2919-0 22-2920-0 22-2927-0 22-2928-0 Caliper: Super Beetle Material: Cast Steel Quantity: Sold EachDisc Brake Caliper Bracket For Emergency Brakes Sold Each

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Weight 1.3 lbs