EMPI 5746 Universal SU / Bubble Type Carburetor Synchronizer – VW Dune Buggy Bug Ghia Thing Bus Trike Baja Down Draft / Side Draft

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Carburetor Synchronizer Carb Sync Tool. Dune Buggy, VW Bug, Karmann Ghia, VW Bus, Motorcycle Trike.

Uni-Sync Is A Precision Instrument That Provides A Visual Method Of Balancing The Performance Of Each Carburetor In Multiple Carb Set-Ups With A High Degree Of Accuracy.
This Multiple Carburetor Synchronizer Works With Side Draft Or Down Draft Carburetors.
Also Referred To As,

Carb Synchronizer
Carburetor Synchronizer Tool
Dual Carb Tool
Motorcycle Carburetor Synchronizer Tool
Single Carb Tool
Vacuum Carburetor Sychronizer
Vacuum Gauge Sync


The UNI-SYNC Is An Instrument For Balancing Multiple Carburetors Of Virtually Any Type Whether Vertically Or Laterally Positioned


Warm Engine To Normal Operating Temperatures.
Remove Air Cleaner; Disconnect Linkage.
Place UNI-SYNC Over Throat Of One Carburetor.
With Adjusting Screw (A) In Open Position, Gradually Turn Down Until Float (B) In Tube (C) Rises To, Or Near, Any Graduating Mark.
Without Changing Position Of Adjust Screw Place UNI-SYNC On Remaining Carburetors, Adjusting Each Carburetor Throttle-Stop-Screw To Bring Float (B) To Approximately Same Level As In Step 4.
If The Idling Speed Is Too Fast, Back Off The Throttle Stop Screw On One Carburetor Adjust The UNI-SYNC To That Carburetor, And then Rebalance The Other Carburetors. Now Carefully Reconnect Linkage.

At This Time The Motor Speed Is Increased Just Enough So The Carburetor Control Arms Do Not Touch The Top Screws, Then Locking The Accelerating Control At A Point That Will Not Affect The Linkage To The Carburetor. The Linkage May Then Be Checked And Adjusted By Using The UNI-SYNC In The Same Manner As For Adjusting The Idle Screws.

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