EMPI Modified 30 PICT-1 12-Volt Choke Carburetor

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For the hardcore competitor we here at EMPI offer a modified version of our popular 30 PICT-1 carburetor. This new carburetor has been Baja 1000 tested and is SCORE approved with all the features of a winner. The float bowl has been externally vented to help avoid fuel-slosh and flooding on rough terrain and the old vent tube has been removed and plugged. The fuel inlet has been threaded and a screw-in fitting is supplied. Dual return springs alleviate the chance of a stuck open throttle. The choke assembly has been removed and plugged on both sides. This is a serious and well thought-out carburetor but will still require re-jetting for your performance application. Classes 1-2/1600, 5/1600, 9, 11 (Off-Road Only)

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