Empi Swing Axle Spring Plates, Adjustable, for 21-3/4" Torsion, Compatible with Dune Buggy

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Adjustable swing axle spring plate. Stop having to adjust your ride the old fashion way. Use these adjustable spring plates to quickly and easily adjust your suspension to suit the terrain or passenger count. Requires 2 inches i.D. Inner bushings & 1 7/8 inches i.D. Outer bushings. SOLD AS PAIR. Spring plate lengths are determined by the length of the torsion bar that they are attaching to. If you look at the torsion housing and the cap at the end is solid then you need 21-3/4. If the cap has a hole in the middle with a stub protruding you will want to measure the bar.

Transmission Style: Swing Axle
Torsion Bar Length: 21-3/4 inches
Quantity: 2 Pieces

Swing Axle Spring Plates Adjustable For 21-3/4 Torsion

For 21 3/4″ Bars, Pair
Compatible with Volkswagen Based Dune Buggies

17-2669-0 ADJ SPRNG PLT S/A 21-3/4″,PR

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Weight 14.55 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 5 × 4 in