Seat Slider Mount Kit, 4 rise, LOW MOUNT, Pair, Compatible with Dune Buggy

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1 in stock


Empi 62-2656 Seat Mounting Kit, Driver Side Slides & Passenger Side Slides.

Ideal For Mounting Aftermarket Seats In Vw Bugs, Baja Bugs, Manx Dune Buggies, Kit Cars And Hot Rods.

7″ Slide Travel On Driver & On Passenger Side
Mount Height Approximately 3″ From Floor Surface
Adapter Plates Will Bolt To Most Standard Seats 14″ X 18″ Seat Tabs

Race Trim Seats
PRP Seats
Beard Seats
Most Suspension Seats With Minor Modifications
Most Fiberglass Seats With Minor Modifications

NOTE: Race-Trim Extra Wide Seats Will Not Work With Tilt Seat Mounts You Must Use Slide Seat Mounts Only. On Poly And Fiberglass Seat Installation Holes Must Be Drilled On Top Of Flat Plates Due To Various Seat Applications.